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tuna time

Finally back out fishing again after boat work.  We ran down on a 1.5 day trip and found some excellent yellowtail fishing with some Bluefin Tuna mixed in.  We spent the morning paddy hopping for limits of yellowtail we did hook a few Bluefin on the paddies but unfortunately they were lost. In the afternoon we went searching for the Bluefin and we found them right before dark.  I found a school on the sonar and we brought them to the corner for dinner.  Everyone on the boat was hooked up until dark unfortunately there were a lot of lost fish and we ended up with just  4 out of the stop.  The fish we caught were averaging around 50lbs with some bigger models mixed in.  If you are going out bring some equipment that can handle these fish (at least 40lb 50-60lb even better) the school we had wanted to bite and line size didn't seem to matter.   Capt. Kley